Married 2 Clash

Clash friends get together to talk about Clash of Clans gameplay, gamer relationships, kids, news, and food.

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In this special episode that we recorded LIVE on our Discord Stage we talk Clash Life balance and catching houses on “fire” and engage in all of our usual antics with Shenanigans and Jilge. Enjoy and look out for another live episode announcement next month! Connect with us on Twitter: The Show: @MarriedwCOC_CFF   Queen JJB: @QueenJJB   Masterbrew: @Masterbrew_COC   Miss Pseudo: @MissP_cff   BTG: @BTG_Clash Submit your fan questions and clan applications for all Clash Files clans in our Discord server: Discover more Clash of Clans Podcasts at
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