Pineapples and Thorns

We cover all things Clash – from casual to league war, farming, pushing, various strategies, clans, clan families, and everything in between!

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GOATs Mordzors and Karl (Crystal 2 Join) share their insights on streaming and clashing. Check our their Clash of Clans content: Mordzors on Twitch: Karl's Twitch: Karl's Podcast: Crystal 2 Join (Spotify link) Connect with us in the Clash Files Discord-Partnered server: Discover more of our Clash of Clans Podcasts at the Clash Files website,!
  1. Episode 19: Islands in the Streamerverse
  2. Episode 18: Hardware Wars – The Sequel
  3. Episode 17: Monster Mash
  4. Episode 16: Start a Fire
  5. Episode 15: Meet You at the Market Square
  6. Episode 14: Get Off My Lawn!
  7. Episode 13: Dragon Our Way Towards a Ground Update
  8. Episode 12: Burning Down the House
  9. Episode 11: (Dragon) Riders in the Storm
  10. Episode 10: Another Brick in the Wall