Pineapples and Thorns

We cover all things Clash – from casual to league war, farming, pushing, various strategies, clans, clan families, and everything in between!

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YouTuber & Twitch streamer Big Vale joins Kat and Fado in this BIG episode! Catch Big Vale's Clash Content on and If you'd like to support us, subscribe to our Discord server at – ALL funds are poured directly into helping our podcast and community events, and you get several awesome extra perks!
  1. Episode 30: In A Big Country
  2. Episode 29: A Capital Idea
  3. Episode 28: Part 1 of 2 – We're Going On An Adventure with Crystal2Join!
  4. Episode 27: Yes, We Have No Bananas
  5. Episode 26: Momma Knows Best
  6. Episode 25: In the Hall of the Goblin King
  7. Episode 24: Baby What a Big Surprise!
  8. Episode 23: I Need a Leader
  9. Episode 22: Highway to El
  10. Episode 21: Good Vibes