We have 15+ Clans!

We’re a family of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale gamers who are mature, active, and fun. We’d love to have you join us! Find your new home at discord.gg/clashfiles .

  • Our clans in Clash of Clans are full of social, friendly, war-loving adults. Clan styles range from casual to serious, with players from newbie to seasoned veteran. We play in several Community Leagues (NDL, MWL, MLCW, etc) and provide all TH levels the ability to participate in Supercell’s Clan War League (SCCWL).
  • Our Clash Royale clans offer Gold and Legendary level wars as well as many fun-filled events. CFF Royale Clans are made up of fun adult players who push in war, encourage growth & communication, and make their members feel like family.

Clash of Clans: Serious War

Brits On Tour
We’re very competitive. We are in Champions in SCCWL and run all TH13s whilst trying to achieve promotion to Champs 1! GMT and BST Timezones.

Kent Greenhouse
Teaching clan for adults who want to learn war strategies. We provide a very social learning environment with competitive wars.

Friendly, war-focused clan for adults. We enjoy chatting in Discord and in-game, plotting how to best plow down our opponents’ bases.

KGH Academy
Competitive league clan whose core goal is to develop Clash of Clans players from good attackers to high level eSports players.

We take SCCWL seriously. We have a good war record and take a more laid back approach to random spins. GMT and BST Timezones.

Noble Hero
We’re a fun group of adults who are passionate about war and believe Heroes should work for the good of the entire clan.

We offer a very social, fun, and chill environment. You will often find us in voice chat, shooting the breeze & listening to great tunes!

We’re a fun group of adults who are passionate about war and believe Heroes should work for the good of the entire clan. We are competitive warmongers and like all members to take part in as many war spins as possible. GMT and BST Timezones.

Clash of Clans: Relaxed War

Dark Sector
We are chill, fun, and friendly! We offer casual, YOLO wars.

We are chill and social with YOLO wars.

We are a laid back clan who takes a YOLO approach to war. GMT and BST Timezones.

KFarmhouse 2.0
We are social adults who push, farm and war all while making the funniest memes.

Phantom Zone
We take pride in having fun wars in a mature adult environment.

Phantom Zone 2
We are super laid back, mature adults.

Clash Royale

Deep Dish
Legendary League Clan who likes to war.

Thin Crust
We like to war, but are relaxed about it.

No in-game requests accepted. To get a clan’s join password, go to  discord.gg/clashfiles !